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The Weathermaking Challenge

May 28th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

After weeks, months and years of waiting for it, it’s finally here. This week’s band of the week is…


Consisting of Danny, Ilan, Josh, Mitch and Avi (last names confidential to protect them from female stalker fans), this crew of nice shul-attending boys from Toronto and Thornhill have been creating exciting and indescribable music for the last 3-4 years. They’ve played a gazillion legendary shows and released a fine Short LP/Long Ep. Now they’re moving on to the Drake Hotel to continue their quest for world domination. And I damn well hope they succeed…

So maybe you ask, what’s so special bout them? Well, firstly, there’s Danny of vocals. Maybe he wouldn’t really blow the judges of American Idol away but like the best vocalists, he makes his voice work through sheer conviction and dedication. At times he can remind listeners of anyone from David Bowie to John Lennon, though he never really sounds quite like anyone other than himself. Onstage with his cousin Ilan on bass, they form a perfect tag team combo who play off eachother with beautiful comedic chemistry.

Another interesting note, is that nobody has ever really able to say exactly what or who The Weathermaking Challenge sound like…There’s a classic rock influence burried in there somewhere but it’s filtered through new age sensibilities learned from too many bands to name and to even try do so would be pointless as they don’t sound like any of them. The best I could do is to say that there’s something sort of off-kilter about them, though not in a Zappa/Beefhart way…just…their own way…

Really what I’m trying to say is that like all fine hallucinogenic drugs, you just have to experience The Weathermaking Challenge for yourself. That’s why there’s all that talk about “experience,” because you can’t be told what The Challenge is like, you just have to dig it and then you’ll know.

Luckily for you, you can experience The Weathermaking Challenge soon. Not only that, but for FREE!!! They’re rocking Elvis Monday on June 2nd at the drake hotel. I know I’m gonna be there and you and all your friends better be too. In the meantime, you can check out there myspace for the Baskin Robbins tea-spoon version of their awesome coneful of ROCK!!!

Click here for the facebook event:

Lettuce Record Review

May 27th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

(Velour; 2008)

Lettuce is not a bad band. Lettuce is in fact quite a tight unit, and if they were to toss some more originality into their salad, they might actually accomplish something. Unfortunately, the randomly titled Rage! (it contains about as much rage as you would associate with actual lettuce) is lacking in originality and, more importantly, any semblance of vitality. The album plays like the soundtrack to a remake of a blacksploitation film in which all the characters are played by white college kids. They cover a couple classics in the meantime and show off some decent chops, but at the end of the day, it’s not only not the real thing: it has no reason to really exist.

The album’s fatal flaw is it’s lack of any sort of drive or cohesion. It’s like they just laid down a couple solid funk workouts, threw in some of their favorite covers and said “well, I think we’ve all done a fine job.” If you were to look at it as some kind of project to be accomplished (and with polish) then mission accomplished. If you were to look for some kind of personality, artistic accomplishment or creativity, you would not find a shred of it.

However, there is hope yet! With their current lineup and mentality, Lettuce is worth nothing and will go nowhere. But! On RAGE! they prove that they can play this music and with all the gusto of Motown’s original crack crews. Now they just need some kind of direction to take them from out of the shadows of the past and into greener pastures. if that doesn’t work, they can always work for Lyle Workman scoring Judd Apatow (aka my hero) movies.

El Guincho

May 19th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

So, I’m not a big fan of spanish or latino stuff. This is mainly because my dad is from Argentina and he maybe doesn’t have the best musical taste, so all the bad latino music I heard growing up kind of turned me off of latino music entirely. I’m not actually of latino descent though, as his parents were both from Poland, they just stopped over in Argentina for a couple years before moving to Canada. I checked out this week’s band of the week because I heard that they/he were/was touring with Atlas Sound, the exceptional solo-project of Deerhunter singer Bradfor Cox. I figured that such an interesting and outspoken individual wouldn’t tour with just anyone so I checked out one of the guy’s albums and was really impressed. This weeks band of the week is…

El Guincho!!!

El Guincho is the laptop-based project of Pablo Díaz-Reixa of the Canary Islands. His debut album Alegranza came out this year and instantly attracted alot of attention due to it’s excellent fusion of tropicallia and newer indie sensibilities. If Panda Bear’s Person Pitch was an immersive headphone album to listen to alone in the dark then Alegranza is the album you fiesta to beforehand.

Even so, the greatest similarity between the two albums is the form and construction method used, rather than the actual sound of the album. Where Person Pitch is cold with a strange touch of humanity, Alegranza is like watching a brazilian dance party on youtube in which everyone is dressed up like they just came from the set of The Holy Mountain. It’s a little weird, a bit of cautious fun and pretty lively, but it’s a sort of computerized lively-hood which makes it strange again…

For me personally, it’s that weird computerized touch that makes it interesting as I’ve always thought of Tropicalia as a very down-in-the-street type music that I’ve always found too tan and empty-headed to get into. This album takes that and shoves a computerized brain into it. The results= GGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!