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A couple years ago I somehow ended up at Mitzi’s Sister one night for a show. I don’t remember how exactly, but the point is that I got there, and one of the performers was this guy who called himself WOLFCOW. He played an interesting set, and afterwards I talked to him for a bit and he gave me a CD, which was, as I later found out, one of his many, many awesome homemade albums.

This must have been around 2005, 2006, (maybe 2007 (maybe)) and I had just started getting into weirder stuff and Wolf Parade and synths and what not, and the CD he gave me just sounded soooo cool with all the synths, and drum machines, and lo-fi-ness and everything. I looooooved it.

As such, I’m passing on the priceless knowledge of the mysterious and magnificent WOLFCOW to you! Right now he’s offering some of his albums as free downloads off his Myspace. Look into it. ALSO, I hear might be playing a set at a show tomorrow night (Thursday the 29th) at Tiger Bar at like 10ish…

Wolfcow – Wolfgod

Class Actress

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DISCO! DISCO! The artist of the week is…


Yes, you may remember my mentioning Class Actress in my post about another incredible band on Chris Taylor‘s phenomenal Terrible Records label, Acrylics. Well, Class Actress only has a short five song EP out right now, but I managed to grab a hold of it and it’s siiiiiiick. Over the course of those five tracks she manages to cook up her own little brand of sweet neon dance music that pays tribute to all kinds of cool peeps like New Order, Blondie and every good disco artist eva.

Main song I’d want to talk about is “Journal Of Ardency” (something that is ardent is “characterized by intense emotion” or “glowing or shining like fire” both of which work in the context of the song). Over a tight beat, Elizabeth Harper, the class actress herself, sensually coos a gorgeous, glassy melody, but that’s not the thing that makes this song so killer. It’s those warping synths that go “shwooooo” and just scrub your mind with electricity. Soooooo goood.

The rest of the EP is great, but that one song is just such a mindblower. It’s a testament to the rest of the EP that can still listen to it and not just keep relistening to “Journal…”. Check it.

Click here to buy the Class Actress EP off

Andrew Watt and The Glory Glory

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Yopadopes. Andrew Watt was co-frontman of the Halifax ornate-pop institution that was The Heavy Blinkers. Phenomenal band, and if you’re a fan of stuff like Pet Sounds or Elephant 6, definitely a band you should get to know better. And by that…I think you know what I mean…anyway…On his solo album, Watt goes full-on Brian Wilson (actually, it sounds a lot like Wilson‘s last album, Lucky Old Sun), getting a little more serious, introspective.

Andrew Watt – December Night

Awesome Album Covers!

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“Boyyyy, brush yo’ teeth!”


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Lauren Schrieber of No Shame first alerted me about this Montreal band that maybe tried to play garage-rock or something and ended up pissing beautiful rainbows…there might be blood in it…and it might be infected with awesomeness…that’s my interpretation of Parlovr

Parlovr – Sever My Ties

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