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This week, I saw an album review on Pitchfork, and before I’d even heard the music, I got a feeling from the writeup that I was really going to like this album. The band of the week is…


A young band from Montreal, these prog-rockers recently recorded an album, Zeroes QC, with Besnard Lakes frontman/uberproducer/my idol Jace Lasek. The combination of the two forces couldn’t have been more perfect. Lasek gives the record an understated, spacious sound that allows the every little nuance to shine from a distance – like a glint of silver shining from deep under the sea.

So why are Suuns so great, other than because Lasek produced their album? Because the music has depth, it feels thoughtful, studied, measured, meticulous, dark, secretive, seductive, powerful, ponderous, and purposeful. “Arena” rides along a spacey arppegiated synth. As the song expands, it becomes more inviting, more exciting, slowly growing larger, more eerily beautiful, more haunting, until it reveals itself as a sleek pop song, though never too stylish for it’s own good, just maintaining itself on the right side of the line be poseur and artful perfection. “Up Past The Nursery” balances between an almost cutesy bassline and Ben Shemie’s whispered vocals, all backed up by that persistent, minimalist bloop-y beat.

Zeroes QC as an album holds together wonderfully, its experimental, instrumental passages never distracting one from the fact that Suuns are at heart a pop band. For lovers of albums like Dark Side of the Moon this is…fucking awesome, because, again, there’s that *balance* so crucial to the experience, not allowing the experimentalism of the work to ever distract from it’s enjoyability.

Laurel Halo

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Chicks into sci-fi are cool. Not always hot. But always cool. Laurel Halo‘s VALIS-inspired King Felix EP kicks ass. Therefore she is both hot and cool. Great success! (via Altered Zones)


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Phoenix is playing Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum this Friday, October 22nd, with Tokyo Police Club and Wavves, and Grubtunes and Live Nation are giving away two tickets to whoever answers this knowledge-testing question first, either by writing it in the comments, or emailing the answer to me at with the subject “Phoenix”.

Question: Who coined the term “Lisztomania”?

Click here to buy tickets to the show, which is sure to be amazing.


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London band Fanzine makes pretty music.

Fanzine – Tough

The Twelves

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This is a first. This week’s band of the week is actually a DJ duo who’ve recently impressed me with some of the greatest remixes I’ve ever heard. In the past, I’ve actually taken pot shots at DJ culture for just kind of tinkering with actual art and passing themselves off as legit, but this duo – along with some long-beloved others like Daft Punk, Justice – are definitely making me reconsider my views. The band of the week is…


Hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, I stumbled onto the duo’s work while listening to a mix put together by French chillwaver/DJ Anoraak. I was enjoy everything well enough, and then I hear this banging remix of Metric’s “Help, I’m Alive”, and I’m like, “wait…this remix is fucking amazing.”

I didn’t see a tracklist for the Anoraak mix so I hopped on hypemachine, searched ‘Metric remix’, and very quickly found the track. Googled ‘Metric remix mediafire’, found The Twelves’ version, downloaded it, and I’ve been listening to it fairly often since then.

Then, just yesterday, I’m in H&M; to return some underwear I bought there because I hastily bought the wrong size while shopping there earlier that week. I notice that Black Kids’ kick-ass song, “I’m Not Gonna Teach Him How To Dance With You” is playing, but it’s some cool remix version. I was so taken with it, that I even told my neighbor’s cousin, who I’ve never met before, about it at a party that night. Today, I hop on hype machine, search for it, and sure enough, it’s The Twelves again. I instantly go to their myspace and download the two mixes that are up there.

So far I haven’t heard anything on them that’s impressed me as much as those two aforementioned remixes, but the duo’s skippity, high-pitched synths, lush washes, and clever beats have won me over in a big way. Maybe there’s something to this remix stuff…