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Big Troubles

November 28th, 2010 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Big Troubles is a kick ass shoegaze band from New Jersey. Their album Worry is 14 tracks of lo-fi, poppy, 1994-esque shoegaze. You can stream it off their bandcamp. Yeah…

Big Troubles – Bite Yr Tongue

Hands And Teeth

November 27th, 2010 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Toronto indie pop band Hands and Teeth were supposed to play a kick-ass show tonight with The Ruby Spirit and Heartbeat Hotel at the Toronto Underground but it got post-poned. It’s now planned for January 8th. While you’re waiting, check out the song below, and if you want some more, you can buy the EP off their bandcamp page.

Glass Vaults

November 24th, 2010 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Wellington, New Zealand experimental duo Glass Vaults recently put their Glass EP online as a free download. Below is the triptastic video for the song “New Space”. I liked it.

Glass Vaults – New Space

Twin Shadow

November 24th, 2010 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

After all the hype surrounding him, I finally decided to check out Twin Shadow. Believe it. I was totally caught off guard by the line in “Tyrant Destroyed” that goes, “As if it wasn’t enough just to hear you speak, they had to give you lips like that.” Knocked me out cold.


November 23rd, 2010 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

The other night I saw montreal experimental-pop artist Grimes playing DOUBLE DOUBLE LAND with Doldrums. On one wall they had Richard Simmons clips from the 80’s playing. The combination/absurd contrast of the two was amazing.

This isn’t the same song, but I wanted to post a full track because it’s just good stuff.

Shout outs to our heroes at Snakes+Ladders by the way for putting on another great show. They’ve got a killer mix on their site right now that I would highly recommend downloading.