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June 30th, 2012 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Here’s some shoegazey stuff from San Fran band Echodrone to…listen to…I suppose…

Have You Heard The New…Dirty Projectors Album?

June 29th, 2012 | Features | 0 Comments

Alas Swing Lo Magellan has arrived. As I tweeted yesterday it lacks the sharp focus and epic momentum of that breakthrough album, but is by no means a failure; it is, rather, another excellent entry in the Dirty Projectors‘ already stellar discography.

Really, there’s nothing to fault the album on – I can’t think of one bad track, the production and songwriting is as ambitious and inventive as ever, and the whole things flows quite well. Where it loses out to its predecessor, however, is in pacing and grandeur. Swing Lo Magellan‘s songs are for the most part more laid back, though by no means “simple”: Longstreth’s complex harmonies and schizophrenic guitar work make any such description impossible. But these are songs that allow you to come to them, rather than blowing you away like “Cannibal Resource” did on Bitte Orca. There are some songs closer in spirit to the stunners on Bitte Orca - such as the first single “The Gun Has No Trigger”, which actually sounds much more dramatic in the context of the album – but it would simply be impossible with the album’s length (twelve songs vs. Bitte Orca‘s sharp nine) to use them to create the same kind of momentum Bitte Orca had.

That being said, Swing Lo Magellan is incredibly rewarding. The arrangements are dense and reveal more upon repeated listens, and the songs, as mentioned before, are complex and may require a bit of time to really get used to. There’s a lot going on on this album – Beefheart-esque experimentations with discordance, gentle acoustic baladry – and lyrically I haven’t even begun to explore what’s going on. All I know right now is it’s weird to hear Longstreth sing about romantic stuff – I think we’re all more comfortable hearing him sing pretty songs about Portuguese explorers, as he does in the title track. Why doesn’t he get the incredible female vocalists (or vocalist, since Deradoorian’s taking time off? Do they still have more than one chick singing?) in his band to handle that kind of stuff? Sometimes he does, but it seemed he wanted to hog the mic a bit more this time around – it doesn’t hurt the album.

Nor is the album particularly “challenging”, or at least I wouldn’t call it such. This is an album waiting to be discovered, just as the Americas were perhaps. So swing lo you young Magellans…swing lo…or something…

BTW: Dirty Projectors are gonna be playing Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall on July 6th and the show is being put on by my hommies at Embrace, so check that yo.


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Awesome Toronto hyper-psych band Hellaluya‘s got some more music coming out after a long break presumably spent honing the craft. It comes in the form of a split 12″ w/ Cartoons on the ever-more-legit Daps and Buzz label. (via CHARTattack)

Wymond Miles

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When you’re in a bad place and you lose some loved ones, if you’re a musician you make an album. Usually these super sad albums are actually amazing – look at albums like Arcade Fire‘s Funeral (inspired by deaths in the family), or Patti Smith‘s Gone Again (inspired by the death of her husband Fred Smith, her brother Todd, friends Allen Ginsberg, Robert Mapplethorp and former bandmate Richard Sohl). Fresh And Only‘s guitarist Wymond Miles recently lost a best friend and some family members and so he went and made an album called Under The Pale Moon. Haven’t heard the entire thing yet, but this song off it is really good and Pitchfork gave it a deece review.

Grand Resort

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Andres Pichardo grew up in the Dominican Republic but now he’s in Brooklyn making twee-gaze pop that’s totally gorgeous as Grand Resort.

Grand Resort – Night Is Dark

Awesome Album Covers

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If you look close enough, you’ll see the meaning of life


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There’s this dude from Morgantown, West Virginia making noisy rock with tight hooks called GoodWolf. Feeling it, yo.

Have You Heard The New…Raveonettes?

June 26th, 2012 | Features | 0 Comments

The Raveonettes – Observations

I’m a big fan of The Raveonettes – especially their third album Lust Lust Lust, which was probably where they perfected their sound, after which they kind of just wrote more songs with the same style but to diminishing returns. Now they just premiered a new song called “Observations” off a new album called “Observator”. They did so on of all places; apparently this is a very bad sign these days (The Hives did the same thing with their last single..). The album also drops September 11th, which hasn’t been a day known for good things either. And so we get to the song…

“Observations” is just a boring song. Their last album¬†In And Out Of Control was unfortunately more ‘in’ than it should have been, but its best songs ¬†– “Bang”, “The Last Dance” – had hooks and excitement in spades. “Observations” lacks both, instead meandering from beginners to end, hoping to sound mysterious when it’s really just sleep-inducing. And The Raveonettes themselves seem like they are way too consciously trying to be The Raveonettes rather than trying to write good songs. Hopefully the rest of the album is better, cuz otherwise it’s gonna be a little turd.

Wide-Eyed Tour Guide

June 20th, 2012 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

I’ve been a big fan of Toronto indie-poppers Wide-Eyed Tour Guide for a while. At some point last year or early this year or something I had this crazy idea to do ‘Gold Soundz Records’ and start by releasing an EP with them – well, that plan fell apart as my plans changed, but the band did make the EP and will be releasing it on vinyl, though the digital version if currently available. Anddd it’s really awesome. I basically told them at every single step of the way that they were spending too much money on everything, but I’ll admit, they got what they paid for.

Also – the release show is this Friday and will be super awesome.

Western Affairs

June 19th, 2012 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Washington DC-based Western Affairs seem more concerned with internal affairs in their dream-pop creations than political ones. But that’s cool – perhaps we have to fix ourselves…before we can fix the world around us…(applause)

Western Affairs – Laura