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Top 10 Albums Of 2012 (5-1)

December 23rd, 2012 | Features | 0 Comments

And here are the final 5.

5. Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

Amazing that after all this time and so many album J. Spaceman can still make as excellent and touching an album as this one. The guy doesn’t even really do much different, he just does it really, really well.

4. Julia Holter – Ekstasis

I’ve been a fan of Holter since Live Tapes, but on Ekstasis she finally pulls all her shit together to make an artful masterpiece full of hooks. If only it didn’t have that annoying “Goddess’ Eyes”…twice…

3. Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan

Though not as focused and incontestable as Bitte Orca, Swing Lo Magellan continued the Dirty Projectors‘ winning streak with a collection of songs that were consistently innovative and auditorally delightful.

2. Grimes – Visions

Perhaps the single biggest breakout of the year – though Grimes‘ previous releases displayed her unique sound and vision and were recognized as such, Visions saw her leaping far ahead to create a fully cohesive and original work of art-pop that exceeded expectatiions across the board. For most artists as young as the 24-year-old Grimes, one would say they would forward to hearing what’s next – with Grimes of course we all do, but to in any way suggest that this album is less than the work of an already great, matured artist would be unjust.

1. Beach House – Bloom

The little guitar and organ duo that could do it again, following up the hugely lauded Teen Dream with an LP perhaps just as good, if not in some ways better. The minimalist rock duo approach has been a no-biggie since The White Stripes broke shit down in the early aughts, but Beach House show again how incredible a band can sound by making the most of a few tools in their pocket to maximum effect. And the melodies! The vocals! The guitar sounds! The lyrics! Overall, just another really, really great album from the Baltimore duo.

Top 10 Records Of 2012 (10-6)

December 22nd, 2012 | Features | 0 Comments

So weird to think 2012 is coming to a close. It doesn’t feel like it at all, what with no Holiday break, no Christmas stuff, no New Years parties to look forward to, etc. They just don’t care about New Years here in Israel. Kind of a shame…BUT what’s not a shame, is how many awesome albums came out this year.So today I’m dropping the Gold Soundz pick for 10-6  and tomorrow 5-1.

Originally this was a lot longer, but I didn’t have time to write long things for all of them so it’s just like a line or two per album :(

10. Lotus Plaza – Spooky Action At A Distance

A phenomally strong album of great, shoegaze-pop songs that will force everyone to reconsider how large a role he plays in Deerhunter‘s awesomeness. But even if we were to forget the Deerhunter connection for a second, this is an album that would stand out anyway. Cuz it’s great.

9. Sleigh Bells – Reign Of Terror

Sleigh Bells go pop and the result is something along the lines of The Jesus And Mary Chain fronted by a real badass chick. Loved this album big times.

8. Crystal Castles – (III)

My hometown electro-goths went witchhouse and made their best and most consistent album yet. Another solid accomplishment from a band that continues to surprise and impress.

7. Jens Lekman – I Know What Love Isn’t

A true pop masterpiece, Jens Lekman‘s album scores huge on melodies and lyrics on this, his third album. Also, a goldmine of great lines like “No, I hate bands/It’s always packed with guys spooning their girlfriends and clutching their hands/As if they let, they could lift from the ground and ascend.”

6. John Maus – A Collection Of Rarities And Previously Unreleased Material

No other artist interviews as interestingly as John Maus – the man is an astounding intellect, and furthermore, as his albums display, a fine pop tunesmith. Very surprisingly, this collection of rare and unreleased material might actually be his best release yet, with song after song of hummable melodies and often confounding lyrics.

Das Rad

December 13th, 2012 | Mp3 Posts | 1 Comment

Toronto noiseniks Das Rad don’t always write shoegazey songs, but when they do…they drink Deus Equis… (via Weird Canada)

Mean Jeans

December 12th, 2012 | Features | 0 Comments

If you’re rocking out and a wolf doesn’t literally spring forth from your innards – you’re not rocking out hard enough…


December 10th, 2012 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Maybe not the best named band of all time, but hooky Israeli punk band Lovegrenade makes up for it with the tunezes.

Have You Heard The New…Beach Fossils?

December 8th, 2012 | Features | 1 Comment

When shit’s tough in the army here, I dream of how afterwards I’m going to move to Beach Fossils‘ home turph of Brooklyn for a couple years. Oh Brooklyn, Brooklyn…where the women are indie, the music is beautiful, people read books, and the menu is vegan-friendly. Oh to be in Brooklyn…

In any case, the aforementioned band – Beach Fossils, that is – have a new album dropping Feb 19th via their excellent label, Captured Tracks. First track “Careless” shows the band trading in its traditional stock of gorgeous, simplistic dream-pop, but the whole package has been tightened up and the compositional and arrangement of the song is a bit more complex than what’s come before, but I really mean just a little bit, they haven’t suddenly become And The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway-era Genesis or anything. As for what we can expect from the album, I’d say more of the same, it would seem these guys are pretty dependable; not expecting much departure from what’s come before, but that’s cool, this is a good bit of growth.

King Gizard And The Lizard

December 8th, 2012 | Mp3 Posts | 1 Comment

Melbourne’s King Gizard And The Lizard is one of those bands that just from the name alone you know you’re going to like. The songs below is a hot mess of garage awesomeness. (via Ad Hoc)

Awesome Album Covers

December 4th, 2012 | Features | 0 Comments

“And let that be a warning to all you other pigs…”

Shugo Takumaru

December 3rd, 2012 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

So, when I first came across this guy Shugo Takumaru and his quite infectious Japanese interpretation of ornate pop music (they probably process it as ‘sunshine rainbow happy sounds!’ or something) I thought he was all obscure, but it seems that a lot of peeps are already wise to his shtick (and like it). So for those who don’t, this is a new cut off a soon to be released album called In Focus? and it is most pleasant likable soul-uplifter. (via Ad Hoc)

Labour Day

December 2nd, 2012 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Although I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like to (or at all these days really, being halfway across the world and all…), the Toronto-based gang of scruffians known as Labour Day are good peeps and increasingly excellent music makers. Their new EP In Good Standing is a huge leap forward for the crew, with everything sounding bigger, tighter, hookier and more cohesive and aggressive than ever. For relz – this shit is the shit.