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Music From Far Off Places

September 13th, 2014 | The Mix | 0 Comments


When you’re a young person in North America, you think the world is very small. Movies and music and everything ‘good’ comes from here, or England. And maybe Sweden too. But if you’re curious, as you get older you start to wonder about the books they write in Uzbekistan, the music they listen to in Turkey, and the movies they watch in Poland. And as you continue to explore, the world opens up, and you realize what a wealth of art exists out there just waiting to be consumed and appreciated. And with the internet, we actually can appreciate all these amazing things from all the places that seem most remote from us.

Lately I’ve been trying to really explore the music from the countries we don’t really hear much from, at least in relatively mainstream culture. This is a little mix with music from the past and relative present, from countries as diverse as Nigeria, Japan, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, Poland, Russia, Finland and India. I made it for others who are curious.

New York Mix

August 23rd, 2014 | The Mix, This Is New York | 0 Comments


So Gold Soundz has moved to New York. I’m a little sad that I’m not in my beloved Toronto anymore, with its Canadian charm and all, but there’s no place like New York, and I’ve dreamed of moving here for many, many years.

So what’s the story? I decided that I wanted to go to law school in New York and luckily I was accepted by a couple. I decided to enrol in The Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School, which is part of Yeshiva University. I start classes officially on Monday, though last Thursday (not this one that just passed) we started orientation, so I’ve been getting familiar with the school and the students and so far so good.

The blog will continue – if it made it through the IDF it can make it through law school…hopefully – and the only change will be that the Torontopia feature, that focused on notable releases by local Toronto bands, will now be This Is New York, and it will focus on notable New York band releases.

To celebrate the move I’ve put together a little New York mix, with bands either from the city or singing about it (btw, I’m including Brooklyn as part of New York). I know there’s a million bands that omg had had had to be on a New York mix (LCD Soundsystem, The National, Television, Ramones, etc.) but this what I came up with for this time. I think it’s a pretty deece selection in any case.

Environmentalism Mix

July 17th, 2014 | The Mix | 0 Comments

I’ve done a lot of travelling over the last couple months. I was on a business trip that took me to Edmonton, Vancouver, LA and New York, and then my two-month road trip that I just got back from, during which I went to a ton of cool places, most notably Asheville, Austin, San Fran and the bay area, Portland, and Olympia. In about two weeks I’ll be back on the road on my way to Sackville, New Brunswick, as discussed in the last post. From there I’ll be heading down the East coast to my soon-to-be-new home, New York City :)

I’ve always been environmentally-inclined, but lately I’ve been on an extra strong green-trip, probably because I’ve been seeing such beautiful natural sites and visiting so many ‘hippie’ type places with strong local green movements. So to tie in with this, here’s a little compilation of environmental-oriented songs – and if it encourages you to be more environmentally conscious or friendly, that would be good too :)



East Coast Canada Mix

July 5th, 2014 | The Mix | 0 Comments


Even though I just got back from a long road trip across the states, I’m excited for one last road trip before I’m off to law school in the fall. First weekend of August I’ll be heading to Sackville, New Brunswick for the annual Sappyfest music festival, which I will covering. It will be my first trip to the Eastern part of our great country since I moved back to Toronto after finishing my first year at the University of King’s College in Halifax. I’m excited – the East coast is a little too quiet for me to live in, but it’s got a lot of charm, and it’s beautiful.

Sappyfest this year has a great lineup. Unsurprisingly it’s got a couple East coast bands and artists (Julie Doiron, Cousins), a couple from other places around the country (Montreal’s Freelove Fenner, Kingston’s PS I Love You, Vancouver’s Rose Melberg (of The Softies, Tiger Trap)), and of course The Constantines. I think it’s gonna be a party, plus I’ve heard or read good things about the fest for a while, and Colin Medley‘s wonderful short doc This Is Now Here, about the Stereophonic Festival and the music scene in Sackville, made me feel like it was about time I went back East after all this time.

When I lived in Halifax it had a pretty cool music scene, but I feel like it’s only gotten better since I’ve left, or at least that’s what I hear online seems to suggest. There’s also been some cool stuff coming out of places around the region. Most people don’t really know about the sounds they’re making there if they don’t live there, and definitely not if they live outside of Canada, but yeah, it’s good. I made this little mix of some of my favourite bands from the East coast. Some of it’s older, some of it’s newer, a lot of it is obscure, but all of it is great, or at least I think so.

(BTW – if you live in Sackville and want to host the writer of this blog you love so much while he is in your city, let me know, cuz I need somewhere to stay while I’m there…)

Dreams Of Faraway Places Mix

April 5th, 2014 | The Mix | 0 Comments

After travelling around in the last couple weeks, I feel like Toronto isn’t where I should be. The culture of the city is too unintellectual, middle-of-the-road – good thing I’m moving to New York in the fall for Law School. In the meantime, I’m prepping to go on my grand cross-USA trip at the end of this month. Here’s a mix for all of those dreaming of faraway places where things are better…

Lonesome Canadian West Mix

March 18th, 2014 | The Mix | 0 Comments


I’m currently on a little trip. Don’t want to say exactly why but it’s for business. Yeah. That sounds cool.

I got into Edmonton yesterday. Tomorrow I leave for Vancouver.

Alright, maybe I’m not exactly seeing tons of the great white North-West, but I am definitely getting that Western Canada vibe that’s so different from the Eastern Canada vibe. It’s hard to describe, but it has to do with wide open spaces and natural environments rather than the more industrial environs of Toronto, Montreal and the like. It’s more free-flowing – cooler in some ways – rawer. Both have their advantages and drawbacks.

In any case, it’s a little lonely just travelling by myself out here, but I made this little mix of bands and artists from the area to keep me company (sort of). I actually made a completely different mix first, but the internet in my hotel is lame so I had to just grab stuff from the same artists off soundcloud through 8tracks. Still good, though.

24th Birthday Mix

March 3rd, 2014 | The Mix | 0 Comments


23 might have been the worst year of my life.

I spent most of it getting my ass kicked in the IDF, feeling scared, angry, humiliated, infantilized, and anxious. As I always say, I still feel like what I did was good and right and worthwhile, but it was not fun. But now it’s over and I’m free and 24 and I’m ready to have the best year of my life (so far). So here’s a little mix about youth, getting older, and whatever.

Makeout Mix 2014

February 16th, 2014 | The Mix | 0 Comments


So check it out: Gold Soundz 2.0! Hopefully you – whoever you are – reading the site like the new look. We’re still tweaking things so hopefully soon everything will be perfect, until then…whatever. I made this mix last week because I had some old playlists for this kind of stuff but I felt it was time to put together something new. Also, soon I’ll be posting mixes of recent mp3s (just like back in the old days!) but I haven’t posted many new mp3s lately because of all the getting out of the army-coming back to Toronto-redoing the site stuff.

This mix is a little on the short side, but whatever, it’s a good starter. Also you’ll notice two of the songs are from middle eastern artists – Lebanese pop star Nancy Ashram and Tel Aviv shoegazers Vaadat Charigim. I guess I’m not totally tossing out the middle eastern interest I’ve tried to inject into this blog since I moved there nearly two years ago. Hopefully it makes your makeout session (should you ever put this mix to use) a little more exotic :P

Return To Modern North America Mix

January 24th, 2014 | The Mix | 1 Comment

Well, that’s it: I’m done with the army. Got an honorary release and all and now I’m back home in Toronto. This blog is no longer Tel Aviv-based.

It feels weird to be back – what’s with all this snow? Everyone speaks English! We’re all wearing big, puffy jackets and people actually listen to good music – well, some people… And there’s video game stores on every corner! Ah, it is good to be back…but it does feel strange. I got so used to Israel.

On my way here I got stuck in New York due to snow, so I got to go around Manhattan for a couple hours before coming back. I was so happy – I love New York and will likely be going to law school there in the fall. And so my return was not only to Canada but to North America in general – Mexico doesn’t count :P – and it was glorious. Here’s a mix to reflect my happiness at being back here, with all that is great and even not so great about this continent.

[Bit of a funny story: while I was in the army there were aspects of Israeli culture that really drove me nuts and I would sing "North American Scum" but change it to like, "Where the girls aren't totally insane - back in NORTH A-MERICA! doo doo doo doo, do do do..." I had some Israeli friends who joined in on this also cuz they thought it was entertaining. Of course, none of them knew the actual song.]

Return To Modern North America from 1651800057 on 8tracks Radio.

Land Of The Free Mix

December 8th, 2013 | The Mix | 0 Comments

I’ve got 2 months, 18 days left as of this writing until I am officially released from the IDF. I’ve already got my plane ticket back to North America booked. When I get back, I plan on hanging around Toronto for about a month, then after Passover I’ll set off on a road trip across the United States. I’m hoping to play some solo shows as Bulldog Skin if possible (anyone who’d like to host me in their home town/city, let me know!!) but more importantly, I just want feel totally free, moving from state to state, city to city, nobody telling me what to do, where to be, what to eat, when to sleep, etc. Most Israelis go to Thailand or South America, but I want to go back to a country where everyone speaks English, where people know what indie rock is, where cool things happen and people get pop culture references, etc.  I made this mix for those long busrides, but perhaps moreso to listen to when things are tough in the army, to remind myself where I’ll be in a couple months. USA! USA! :)

(Unfortunately, a lot of these songs are very well known, so if I posted an actual mix of this on mediafire it’d get taken down in a second – instead, I’ve created a youtube playlist you can just stream through…)

1. MC5 – Back In The USA

2. Simon And Garfunkle – America

3. Waxahatchee – Coast To Coast

4. Pavement – Range Life

5. Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

6. Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

7. Handsome Furs – Repatriated

8. LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum

9. Jason Collett – Roll On Oblivion

10. The Walkmen – Louisiana

11. The Hold Steady – Sequestered In Memphis

12. Allman Brothers – Ramblin’ Man

13. Cat Power – Stuck Inside A Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again (Bob Dylan Cover)

14. Loretta Lynn (ft. Jack White) – Portland, Oregon

15. Jackson Browne – Running On Empty

16. The White Stripes – Boll Weevil (Live)