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Political Playlist

July 3rd, 2015 | The Mix | 0 Comments


A while ago, someone asked me if serving in the Israeli army radicalized me. I said that, if anything, it de-radicalized me, because I saw how ideas we have about sides being ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are largely constructs that help average people just digest what comes to perceived as ‘the story’. In reality, a situation like the Arab-Israeli conflict is so insanely complex. What we see as ‘sides’ of the conflict are each made up of millions of individuals, each with their own different ideas, goals and behaviours. Things aren’t so black and white.

However, living in New York over the last year and now Washington, D.C. for the summer, has made me a lot more political, perhaps even a little radical. Both are such vibrant, intellectually stimulating environments where people of all walks of life converge and battle out how the world should work via work, debate, etc. And what I learned in the IDF applies to a certain extent here as well: everyone is different and things aren’t black and white. Those on the left or the right, Democrat or Republican, can be good, bad, right, wrong, kind-hearted or seemingly downright evil (though perhaps there are certain trends…).

I thought a political mix or playlist would be appropriate. The bands included are from USA, Canada and the UK, and their songs cover a range of subjects, from racism and sexism to deregulation and urban sprawl. If you like a song, please do look into the lyrics.

Washington, D.C. Is Our City Mix

May 20th, 2015 | The Mix | 0 Comments


Admittedly, Washington, D.C. is not my city. I will, however, be living there for the summer while performing a legal internship at a non-profit, so I’ll be doing my best to make it my city for that period of time.

Obviously D.C. has a legendary music scene – perhaps not as legendary these days as it once was, but whatever – and I’m really excited to dive right into it.  I made a little mix of some of my favourite bands from the D.C. scene. Yes, half of it is comprised of Ian MacKaye bands. Because #IanMacKayeIsMyHero

Laters, NYC (on May 31st…but just until August…).

Songs For Snowy Days & Nights

January 27th, 2015 | The Mix | 0 Comments


Here in New York, our ‘historic’ blizzard turned out to be a historic dud. There’s a bit of snow outside, but nothing worse than the average winter day in Toronto. But in any case, I put together a little mix for the occasion. It is almost entirely songs by Canadian bands (the one exception is from Scotland). Cuz snow is kind of our thing, y’know.

Back To The Trees Mix

November 26th, 2014 | The Mix | 0 Comments

Sometimes, living in New York, I miss forests and mountains and greenery. Here are some songs (that aren’t too new agey or hippie or anything) that remind me of the natural world.

Music From Far Off Places

September 13th, 2014 | The Mix | 0 Comments


When you’re a young person in North America, you think the world is very small. Movies and music and everything ‘good’ comes from here, or England. And maybe Sweden too. But if you’re curious, as you get older you start to wonder about the books they write in Uzbekistan, the music they listen to in Turkey, and the movies they watch in Poland. And as you continue to explore, the world opens up, and you realize what a wealth of art exists out there just waiting to be consumed and appreciated. And with the internet, we actually can appreciate all these amazing things from all the places that seem most remote from us.

Lately I’ve been trying to really explore the music from the countries we don’t really hear much from, at least in relatively mainstream culture. This is a little mix with music from the past and relative present, from countries as diverse as Nigeria, Japan, Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, Poland, Russia, Finland and India. I made it for others who are curious.