Have You Heard The New…Jack White?

I idolize Jack White more than any other living celebrity or whatever on Earth. Dude makes kick-ass music, has solid business sense, keeps his operations¬†under control, and has been doing all of those things for over a decade now. I don’t think you could honestly call a single album he’s ever had his paws on a dud. That’s impressive. So now he’s announced that he’s got some songs he’d like to release as a solo album called Blunderbuss. The thing drops April 24th on Third Man/Columbia Records. Be ready. We got the first taster today with the song “Love Interruption”.

As a first single, this is hardly another “Seven Nation Army” or “Blue Orchid” or “Ichy Thump”. If anything, it’s more reminiscent of the kind of solid folky/bluesy ditties that served as place holders on White Blood Cells. It’s solid though, and has a cool organ thing going on that kind of reminds me of the clarinet parts on “Love Is The Truth”, the song Jack wrote for a great Coke commercial. Co-vocals on the song provided by Ruby Amanfu are ok – can’t say they really add or detract from the song much.

In terms of what this leads us to expect from the album, I’d say that the song – along with the little information we have – suggests this is simply going to be an unambitious collection of cool little songs Jack has on his hard drive (or box full of tapes, considering the luddite that he is) that he wants to share with the world now that the White Stripes aren’t putting stuff out. The guy’s never made a dud, so I don’t expect one now.

What did you think of the song? What do you think the next album will be like? Let us know in the comments section or over Facebook or Twitter.

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