Have You Heard The New…Laurel Halo?

Some of you know that I was crazy about Laurel Halo‘s King Felix EP. Most of you do not. But I’ll tell you now, the thing was genius: four songs of twisting turning electronics and swooping vocals wrapped together in a tight, pop package. It was incredible. After a whole bunch of ambient-style releases, it looks like she’s FINALLY releasing another pop-ish release, her first full length Quarantine, which drops June 5th this side of the Atlantic.

First track off it is “Light + Space”, a kind of floaty, glistening little thing that Halo sings over. It’s good, but it definitely doesn’t have the punch of any of the tracks off the EP. I suppose that’s alright though, with a full-length you’ve gotta have a bit of variety, not just knock-out-of-the-park badass tracks. That being said: why open with a song like this? It almost seems like she’s lowering expectations, though Pitchfork and other sites seem to like it.

Hopefully the album combines the sounds and strengths of a track like this with the chutzpa of what we heard on the King Felix EP. If it does, it’s gonna be mindblowing.


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