Have You Heard The New…Moonface Album?

Moonface with Siinai: Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips

Spencer Krug returns with another Moonface album, luckily not taking too long since the last one. And this time…he brought friends, Finnish krautrock band Siinai. And of course it’s got a ridiculously epic title like Heartbreaking Bravery.

Surprise surprise, it’s a pretty deece album, with Krug’s awesome melodies and the dense, rock-solid grounding of Siinai behind him. It playfully indulges at times in the kind of patient exploration of sound that old obscure psych stuff from the sixties does and the songs can go on a bit longer than you might want them to, but whatever. If Sunset Rubdown is the project that lets Krug blastoff into space, this kind of stuff brings him down to Earth and into the depths of the psyche. I’ve still got some time to spend with it before fully appreciating it, but yeah, Krug’s always a solid bet, he hasn’t let anyone down yet with his latest.

The thing is streaming right now on the AV Club’s website and drops April 17th on Jagjaguwar.

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