Eiyn Sof

In Kaballa, the idea of G-d is referred to as the “Eiyn Sof” – literally “without end” in Hebrew. It all goes a lot deeper than bearded dude in the sky stuff, which is one of the reasons I was took the opportunity to go study it a bit in Jerusalem last summer.

The main mind behind the Toronto-based music project Eiyn Sof,¬†Melissa Boraski, doesn’t make as ‘out there’ music as one might expect from someone who takes what is probably¬†the fundamental concept in Kaballa as their pseudonym – but the music is quite good. It’s folk-y stuff with interested touches like synth, theramin, and some other stuff. Her latest EP – the SSSOO1 tape – is a split with far weirder psychedelic pilgrims Plant Magic and out now on Spring Skull.

Eiyn Sof – One By One

Eiyn Sof – Free Of Me

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