The Naked And Famous

They’ve yet to make an impact here in North America, but New Zealand-based electro-pop band The Naked And Famous is apparently somewhat of a big deal down under. Check out their album Passive Me, Aggressive You – solid stuff. Below’s one of the many bumpin cuts off it, “Punching In A Dream”.


2 Responses to “The Naked And Famous”

  1. sam says:

    the only thing that bothers me with this song is that the baseline is copy pasted from Kids – MGMT

    • Gold Soundz says:

      It’s actually one note different.

      -Funny how so many bands these days seem to be trying to be MGMT or at least to mine their little indie-pop-electro-Bolan-shtick, while MGMT themselves were off it as fast as they could be.

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