Habits Of Being (Audio Zine)

February 12th, 2015 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments


So this is a bit of an unusual mp3 post, since it’s for an audio zine rather than music. Here’s the story:

The other day I went to the Silent Barn Paper Jam Small Press Festival and bought a little cassette called Habits of BeingThe Way We Live Through This, mainly because I liked the picture on it. The vendor selling it told me it was half reading, half music. She was about half right. Maybe less.

The entire cassette was an audio zine – diary-like readings, interviews, with some music thrown in mostly to set the mood. I popped it in one morning and to my surprise I got totally into it. The interviews were with different women/feminists telling their stories and they were all really interesting, and the readings in between and the music were also great. It all fit together beautifully in a way I’d never encountered before.

Annnnd before I could finish it my stupid tape player kinda chomped it up and broke the tape. Cassettes are cute but for relz, they’re a shitty medium. Luckily it’s also on bandcamp

band practice // Make Nice

February 6th, 2015 | This Is New York | 0 Comments


Though band practice‘s latest album Make Nice was recorded in a New Jersey basement, it’s really the sound of Brooklyn. The chillness of it. The streets. Its cute little creative spaces (yes, we all noticed ‘Silent Barn’ on track #2). Its creative types who just want to make some cool tunes and put them online and hey, maybe somebody will be into them. Maybe we’ll play some shows and drink some peers. Maybe some peeps will hookup or hang around till 6 am or whatever.

Life is good in Brooklyn. (via Portals)

Ô Paon

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Originally hailing from Montreal but now apparently hanging out with Phil Elverum (Mt. Eerie, The Microphones) in Anacortes, Washington, Geneviève Castrée leads the wonderful ambient-pop project Ô Paon, with which she recently released a beautiful little album called Fleuve.

As a fellow Canadian in exile in America, I especially relate to the album’s expression of yearning “for a certain place at a certain time, something which no longer exists, something you’ll never be able to re-live,” and the strange, scary feeling of not knowing when you’ll finally go back to your home and native land in the great white North. (via If It Be Your Will)

You can buy the album on vinyl here.

Surfbort // R.I.P. DIE OLD

January 31st, 2015 | This Is New York | 0 Comments


Last night I (finally) checked out the wonderful creative space in Bushwick known as Silent Barn. Aaaaand I’m planning on hitting it up again tonight for an awesome weirdo bill featuring Elisa Ambrogio (of Magik Markers), Nathan Bowles, Palberta. It also features the lucky winners of the pre-show blog post, Brooklyn punks Surfbort, whose most recent album, the ridonculously titled R.I.P. DIE OLD, presents them as a bunch of badass too-cool-for-school goofballs with a love of fuzz pedals. Should make for a fun live show.


January 28th, 2015 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Toronto peeps Programm used to be known as Volcano Playground, but it looks like they’ve been hard at work since those days trying to bang their sound into shape for the big time – or at least bigger time than the underground shows I used to book them for. They’ve got a new EP dropping next month and they just put the title track’s music video on the internet for everyone to gander at. Admittedly, their sound has lost a bit of its homespun colour since the old days, but the loss is offset for the most part by amped up No Joy-esque shoegaze stylishness.