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מנגינות ישראליות: קילר הלוהטת

October 30th, 2013 | Features | 0 Comments

So, I found this band קילר הלוהטת (“Burning Killer” or something along those lines) through the Uganda website. In case, you don’t know, Uganda is my favourite bar (chain?) in Israel – there’s one in Tel Aviv and one in Jerusalem. They’re both awesome. They sell cool albums, tapes, comics, books, zines, DVDs, and host small shows. And they’ve got a cool website. I wish there were Uganda bars in North America – they’re kind of the coolest most-hipster-y bars I’ve ever been to, and there are almost no hipsters in Israel. Hmmm…

I basically know nothing about the band and reading stuff in Hebrew wears me down like crazy and takes forever so I know nothing about this band other than the fact that they’re a punk band (but with a strong metal influence, sometimes in terms of aesthetic, sometimes in terms of songwriting), they did stuff in the 80s, 90s and recently came back with some new stuff. I’m not super crazy about the new stuff I’ve heard, but some of their older stuff is actually very poppy and catchy. And good. Also, production-wise does not sound very 80s, which is a big plus. Sometimes they sound kinda metal-ish or something, and those songs are meh, but then they’ve got some songs that are just filled with big beautiful hooks. So yeah, some of those are posted here.

“מנגינות ישראליות: “יוסי, ילד שלי מוצלח

April 9th, 2013 | Features | 0 Comments

This is an amazing song from a movie called Late Summer Blues (בלוז לחופש הגדול). It translates to something like, “Yosi, my quality child”. In the movie, a young soldier named Yosi gets recruited into the paratroopers unit in the IDF and is killed in a training exercise. His friends sing this song for him at an end-of-school assembly.

“מנגינות ישראליות: “גבעת התחמושת

March 29th, 2013 | Features | 0 Comments

This is an interesting song I encountered one day in the army. They were doing a little educational thing about the Six Day War (1967) and they played this song and I was totally captivated by the accordian that gives the song its character. That’s what caught me at first, but then it turned out that the melodies in the song were really interesting also, and I started asking people, “What’s this song? Who’s it by?” And everyone was just like, “It’s the Six Day War song”. Apparently this song – which is actually called “Ammunition Hill” if you translate it – is the song everyone associates with the Six Day War. Indeed, it is about the Six Day War.

The video above is good because you get the full English translation of the lyrics as well as footage from the war or places from the war. Altogether, it gives a very good ‘feel’ of the IDF in a way, especially if you understand Hebrew. Sure, a lot of what we do isn’t very glorious (and the song actually doesn’t really glorify anything…) and it’s rarely every as tuneful, but there’s a vibe that I can relate to now in this song after being in the IDF for a while. I’ll probably relate to it even more by the time I’m done.

“מנגינות ישראליות: “הכי יפה בחי”ר

March 22nd, 2013 | Features | 0 Comments

So, this is a video I saw a couple weeks ago while I was hanging out with one of my friends from the army in his town, Zichron Ya’akov. Everybody gathered around someone’s iPod and laughed as they watched it – I’m assuming it’s been making the rounds with the Israeli youth who can all, of course, personally relate to it.

The title of the song translates to “The Most Beautiful [Girl] In Infantry”, and it’s a jokey song about a girl soldier in infantry. In it, the singer, Noam Barak, sings about how beautiful this girl in infantry is, with her machine gun and her battle-vest pressing against her breasts.

While the image of a hot chick soldier is something of a fantasy for us in North America, in Israel you see them on the street everyday, and the amount of them who are downright stunning is confounding. Unfortunately, they seem to have managed to fit all the not-good-looking ones in this video, leaving the rest out…