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Have You Heard The New…Beach Fossils?

December 8th, 2012 | Features | 1 Comment

When stuff gets¬†tough in the army here, I dream of how afterwards I’m going to move to Beach Fossils‘ home turph of Brooklyn for a couple years. Oh Brooklyn, Brooklyn…where the women are indie, the music is beautiful, people read books, and the menu is vegan-friendly. Oh to be in Brooklyn…

In any case, the aforementioned band – Beach Fossils, that is – have a new album dropping Feb 19th via their excellent label,¬†Captured Tracks. First track “Careless” shows the band trading in its traditional stock of gorgeous, simplistic dream-pop, but the whole package has been tightened up and the compositional and arrangement of the song is a bit more complex than what’s come before, but I really mean just a little bit, they haven’t suddenly become And The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway-era Genesis or anything. As for what we can expect from the album, I’d say more of the same, it would seem these guys are pretty dependable; not expecting much departure from what’s come before, but that’s cool, this is a good bit of growth.

Heavenly Beat

June 14th, 2012 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

One of the dudes from Beach Fossils has his own little euphoric project called Heavenly Beat and he’s releasing an album soon called Talent with his cover of the Fiddler On The Roof song “Tradition”, you can check it out below (ps it’s not a cover of the Fiddler On The Roof song).

Have You Heard The New…Beach Fossils?

February 6th, 2012 | Features | 1 Comment

So I know I’m late on this but whatever, Brooklyn moodmeisters Beach Fossils have a new track out from an upcoming 7″. It’s called “Shallow” (and the b-side will be a song called “Lessons”). Luckily that term (shallow, that is) would not apply to the song itself, which feels deeper, better produced, and more intricate than anything the band has put out before. The band is also apparently at work on a new full-length so this forecasts good things on that end.

That’s about all I got for this one :$

What did you think of the song? What do you think the next album will be like? Let me know in the comments section.

Blank Dogs

June 4th, 2011 | Features | 0 Comments

This week’s band of the week is a dude who makes lo-fi dark, post-punk-y music under a moniker. It’s really cool stuff, really good, AND the dude runs one of my favourite little indie labels. The band of the week is…


So, Blank Dogs is really just Mike Sniper, formerly of the band DC Snipers. He’s located, however, and unsurprisingly, in Brooklyn, where he runs the awesome indie label Captured Tracks with which he’s put out albums by Craft Spells, Minks, Beach Fossils, Soft Moon, Wild Nothing, and a number of other solid bands. That’s a pretty fucking awesome roster. But this post isn’t about the label, it’s about the band.

I first heard of Blank Dogs when I randomly downloaded his FACT Magazine mix, after I like the Fucked Up one they did and wanted to check out another, figuring they had cool taste. So, I didn’t actually hear Blank Dogs then, just his mix, which was ok. Truth be told, I liked the Fucked Up one more.

Recently though, Pitchfork reviewed his latest release, Collected By Itself: 2006-2009, a compilation of early singles and songs. I checked it out and from what writer Jess Harvel wrote, I thought Blank Dogs‘ stuff might be something I’d like. I checked out a couple of his albums and turns out I was right. Blank Dogs‘ work is the perfect level of lo-fi, has great hooks, rocks harder at appropriate times, and yeah, it’s just good work. I really like his latest release, the poppier Land And Fixed, though the In The Red-released double album Under and Under is really cool too, a little harder, but also a little on the long-side (and feels it).

This stuff also has a bit of timely appeal to me, because I’m recording my new Bulldog Skin EP in Ableton (first time using the software) and going for a similar sound, also with more use of drum machines, so I’m kind of taking notes of how he uses them (all of Land and Fixed is programmed) and still makes the work sound organic and cool.

Anyways. Blank Dogs. Cool stuff.

Photo: Impose Magazine

Beach Fossils

August 3rd, 2010 | Features | 0 Comments

This week’s band of the week is a one-man recording project (though he plays live with a little help from his friends) who writes songs primarily around loops. I thought his music was great, first and foremost, but what really intrigued me was the simple but pure effectiveness of the songs he wrote around these basic loops. The band of the week is…


Beach Fossils is the baby of one Dustin Payseur, an indie rocker with an obvious love of stoned, reverb-drenched euphoria and sunny, chiming guitars a la the kind Real Estate get so much mileage out of.

What I really liked about Beach Fossils was that it gave me that classic punk feeling of, “Hey, even you could do this shit.” All he does is come up with some kind of riff, loops it, makes a hook part (with another guitar line over top) and then a verse part. Then he alternates between the two and ends with a coda or not. It’s so simple it’s ridiculous, but it’s also just really good.

So yeah, that’s why Beach Fossils is band of the week. And now I’m gonna pass out from emotional and physical exhaustion. Peace.