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Awesome Album Covers!

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Definitely not how you’re supposed to do that.

Hot Chip

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This week’s band of the week makes kind-of-goofy, kind-of-romantic, kind-of-nerdy dance-rock. Alongside LCD Soundsystem, this group is probably one of the top personality-driven dance-rock bands out there today. The band of the week is…

The key to Hot Chip has always been Alexis Taylor’s semi-nerdy schoolboy charm and the group’s penchant to write subtly goofy songs and to take them very seriously. It’s a formula that works extremely well because Hot Chip’s goofiness is always restrained though still present in the lyrics as well as the vibrant, colorful production of the music.
2006’s The Warning album put the band on the map with great tracks like “Boys From School” and “Over and Over”. 2008’s Made In The Dark was even better and more consistent with classics like “Ready For The Floor” and “One Pure Thought” that truly defined the group’s style and attitude even more so than their previous – and still great – work.
Their latest album, One Life Stand, continues Hot Chip’s tradition of making decent albums with a couple incredible singles. Despite being their shortest album yet at 10 tracks, One Life Stand is one of their most inconsistent. It’s still ultimately pretty good though. The title track works off a straightforward 1-2-1-2 bass-snare beat, but that simple foundation seems only to add gravitas to the smooth, almost eery layers of vocals during the song’s phenomenal chorus. Closer “Take It In” is another highlight with it’s minor-key ostinato during the verse giving way to an uplifting piano-led, harmony-heavy chorus.
On the flipside, “I Feel Better” sounds like – and pretty much is – Hot Chip’s parody of auto-tune dominated club music complete with synthestra instrumentation. And I know “Brothers” probably isn’t supposed to be about homosexual incest, but for some reason I’m finding it hard to really take a line like “it’s a wild love I have for my brothers” seriously as anything else.
For fans of the band, One Life Stand is no let down, though I definitely wouldn’t qualify it as an improvement on Made In The Dark. Maybe they shouldn’t have left the lights on while recording.