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5 Cool Finnish Albums

May 15th, 2017 | Features | 0 Comments

After the last Moonface album with the Finnish band Siinai came out, I started wondering what other great bands there are in Finland. I bounced around a bit through the Spotify ‘similar artists’ section, and here are the best albums I stumbled on.

Eleanoora Rosenholm – Älä kysy kuolleilta, he sanoivat

Eleanoora Rosenholm is like a Finnish Kate Bush, in that her music has lots of cool synths and sounds ‘magical.’ She’s also really big on using soviet-style male choruses as a musical element. This album and its follow-up, Hyväile minua pima tähti, are excellent.

K-X-P – II

K-X-P is a dark, spacey krautrock band. All their albums (I, II, III Pt. 1, III Pt. II) are solid collections, but II is the most consistent.

Paavoharju – Laulu laakson kukista

According to Wikipedia, Paavoharju “was a collective of ascetic Christians formed around two brothers.” If so, they were a collective of ascetic Christians who knew their way around complicated and enchanting arrangements. Their albums feel rough and organic, as if they were old tapes found under a bed. This one is my favourite, but their first, Yhä hämärää is about equivalent in terms of quality. Their 2013 album Joko sinä tulet tänne alas tai minä nousen sinne lost me though; the choice to make a rap album was an odd one.

Islaja – Keraaminen Pää

Easily Islaja‘s best album. Like Eleanoora Rosenholm‘s work, its got an ‘enchanted in the vein of Kate Bush’-thing going on, but it’s rougher around the edges and more minimalist.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Jaakko’s stuff sometimes sounds a little too self-satisfied for me, at least right now during this apocalyptic moment, but his self-titled album has a lot of solid songwriting and incredible synth work.