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Plants and Animals

April 7th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

This week’s band of the week entry is being written at 2:40 am. I’m reaallly tired, moreso than usual. Anyways, I’m just getting this done with cause I’m so tired but for some reason just want to do something before I sleep the deepest sleep ever. This week’s band of the week is from Montreal, where, hopefully, I’ll be heading next year. Just gotta get into McGill….Anyways…the band of the week is…


What? Who? Yes, you’ve never heard of them and definitly won’t hear their stuff on the radio (songs are all too long, too oddly-constructed) but no doubt their name has been and will continue popping up in blogs and articles and the like. And with good reason. These guys are making “new” music, taking the influences of their past and just running with them. First song on their album “Park Avenue” sounds like a glorious parade that begins with falsetto sung over a lone-piano hitting some chords out not unlike a lost cut from After the Gold Rush. Five seconds late there’s some huge Arcade Fire-esque “LA LA LAAAAA”s echoing out of the speakers along with great, pounding drums.

Every song on Park Avenue is different. The band travels through a kaleidascope of sounds and styles, often within the same song. Their songs don’t bother even considering the verse chorse verse bit but have a couple verses and then some other parts. Alot of it is almost classical. And the greatest bit is not the introduction of new parts, so much as the extreme innovations made upon previous parts which are then swelled to grandiosity and broken down again.

So what do they actually sound like? Well, their songs can be characterized by alot of fine pop hooks, a wide variety of instruments intricately arranged as well as lovely, lovely vocals. Their sound is playful yet they mean to be taken seriously…but not too seriously. Like I said before, they’re making “new” music, and their influences are so many and so well melted that it’s hard to pick them out of the end product.

Look, just check Park Avenue, it’s not the same old bs, this band is really making great music that is new but not innaccesible nor alienating. Think about it this way…do you like plants? why not? they give you air, look nice, smell nice, give fruit sometime, sure, you gotta like plants. How about animals? You gotta like animals, common. Well that settles it, you like Plants and Animals. Now check out their album…now…

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