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TIGER BAR GROOVE w/ Saskatoon Guitar Destroyer/Triceratops/Datura/Playground Hookers/Bravestation at Tiger Bar, Oct. 22nd

October 23rd, 2009 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Saskatoon Guitar Destroyer began the night with a solid acoustic set. Jo Landau, who performs under the pseudonym, sounded really good, even without his usual backups. If you haven’t heard his stuff before, it’s like idiosyncratic indie-pop with some kind of strange, deceptively technical composition beneath the surface.
Triceratops was great. There’s a hard streak to this band, though I wouldn’t say it’s a chief characteristic of their sound, which shows a bit of an indie rock bent. The place at this point was getting pretty busy.
Datura was up next and they got the place pretty full. I got a lot of good feedback about this band, though they sounded a little heavier than I expected.
Playground Hookers got on at some point around like 12:50, so that was about an hour and twenty minutes later than they were supposed to. Pretty much what you can usually expect at shows with several bands, everything gets pushed back big time, which is unfortunate.
Last band was Bravestation. They went on at about 1:40, and even though most of the bands got paid before they even began playing, a lot of them and some people in the audience stuck around to see them play. And it was worth it, they were a great band and they were so nice and great to work with, it was a shame they couldn’t get on till so late.
But all’s well that ends well and the show ended very well. A lot of great bands, good times and a bit of good money. And that’s the story of the Tiger Bar Groove…