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Brooklyn Mix

August 8th, 2015 | The Mix | 0 Comments


After years of dreaming about it, two weeks ago, I finally made the move to Brooklyn. Every day I wakeup and walk outside here, and I think, “Yes. I made it.” And I think my living here finally has led me to better understand the music of Brooklyn. So I put together a little mix with just nine of the amazing bands that this borough can proudly claim as its own.

There is kind of an overarching Brooklyn sound. It’s tattooed and bearded. Fearlessly experimental. Almost sunbaked and windswept. And the musicians are incredible, but smart and talented enough not to fall into cliched patterns or sound overly ‘professional’.

Have You Heard The New…AC Newman?

August 20th, 2012 | Features | 0 Comments

AC Newman – I’m Not Talking

One of my favourite songwriters, AC Newman, best known as the frontman of the New Pornographers (perhaps you’ve heard of them…) has a new solo album on the horizon. While I wasn’t too crazy about his last, Get Guilty – which was a fine effort, but lacked chutzpa and staying power – his first, The Slow Wonder, was something of a minor masterpiece, so much so that it made the #9 spot on my Top 50 Canadian Albums Of The Decade list. The next entry is called Shut Down The Streets and drops sometime this fall. Annnnd there’s a first track out for all of us to talk about called “I’m Not Talking.

Well, if you’re not, I guess I’ll start. This a bit of a more grounded sound for Newman – one might even go so far as to say that it’s almost got a folksy vibe to it, but it’s hard to make that argument with all the synths and stuff going on in the song. But it definitely has that impressive, mature weightiness that Newman’s given the last two New Pornos albums (for better or worse). Except that it’s even more weighty – the vocals are very front and center and the whole thing is grounded with an acoustic guitar, borderline like he’s going for the adult-contemporary singer/songwriter indie niche (you know, like Sharon Van Etten). But it’s still as wonderfully melodic as Newman always is, and it’s got a good dose of the musical colour he typically employs. All in all, a great song and a good harbinger of sounds to come.