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Silver Dapple

April 4th, 2014 | Mp3 Posts | 1 Comment


Always-awesome Montreal shoegazers Silver Dapple just put out a really, really awesome new EP called I Hate My Birthday. Did I mention it’s pretty awesome? Cuz it is. It’s also pretty grunge-y. More-so than previous stuff.

October Mix

November 18th, 2011 | The Mix | 0 Comments

This is super late, I usually post these a couple days after the month ends but I wanted to give my Loveless Mix some time to be seen in the little “Mix” box. Whatevs – these are some of my favourite BIG HITS of October. The yuge mix of weird stuff, shoegaze, pop, indie-rock.

1. Selebrities – Monster Mash

2. Phedre (Doldrums + Hooded Fang) – My Aphrodite

3. Silver Dapple – Pauses

4. Children Of Pop – Charge

5. Gauntlet Hair – That’s Your Call

6. Guided By Voices – The Unsinkable Fats Domino

7. First Rate People – Summer Job

8. Nomadic Furs – I’m A 99

9. Elsa – In The Morning Again


Toronto’s Loveless

October 31st, 2011 | The Mix | 4 Comments

In honour of the 20th anniversary of My Bloody Valentine‘s masterpiece album Loveless, we, the indie-rockers of Toronto, would like to show our gratitude with this covers compilation. You can download it for free off soundcloud, but please support the original artists who created the masterpiece by heading over to your local record store and purchasing the album on vinyl. It’s totally worth it.

All of Toronto is also welcome to come to the all-ages 20th anniversary celebration party we’ll be putting on at the Toronto Underground Cinema this Friday (November 4th).

Silver Dapple

October 6th, 2011 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Montreal noisegazers Silver Dapple have a full-length coming out Nov 25th on FORCHRISTSAKE called English Girlfriend. Here’s the first single+video.

Silver Dapple – (Pauses)

Feel Alright

May 25th, 2011 | Mp3 Posts | 0 Comments

Aghhhhhghghghgh! Just got back from Israel. And I’m sick. But now it’s time to update the blog with like a million things to compensate for the last week of nothing. First up is this band Jesse Locke of Silver Dapple told me about, the Montreal/Pittsburg-based noisy-weird-pop band Feel Alright. They released a cassette recently on his label Planet of the Tapes. It’s pretty cool.