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Toronto, I Love You Mix

July 29th, 2013 | The Mix | 4 Comments

So…I’m back in Israel. I’m not super happy about it. I had such a great time being back in Toronto with my friends and family and everything and it just made me realize even more how unenjoyable army life is in this place. I feel like I’m heading back to prison. But on the other hand, you realize just how great it is being able to live safely and freely when you’re made to understand the alternative…

Anyways…I made this mix for the city I love, the city I grew up in. It’s got a mix of most of the city’s styles (except rap…). This is what Toronto sounds like to me.

1. Miracle Fortress – Have You Seen In Your Dreams?

2. Hidden Cameras – She’s Gone

3. Crystal Castles – Crime Wave

4. Final Fantasy – This Lamb Sells Condos

5. Fucked Up – The Recursive Girl

6. Huckleberry Friends – Visions

7. Marvelous Darlings – Teenage Targets

8. Spiral Beach – Voodoo

9. Odonis Odonis – We Are The Leftovers

10. Ohbijou – St. Francis

11. Still Life Still – Can’t Decide On Birth (Demo)

12. The Two Koreas – Diamond Geezer

13. Broken Social Scene – Anthems For A 17-Year-Old


Have You Heard The New…Doldrums?

January 21st, 2013 | Features | 0 Comments

The now-Montreal based, once-Toronto-based samplegazer Doldrums (aka Airick Woodhead) has a new album on the horizon called Lesser Evil, and the stuff I’m hearing from it sounds pretty great.

The song we’ve all got to analyze today is “Anomaly”, a word that most people (myself included) probably learned after watching The Matrix Reloaded and pulling out a dictionary to find out what the Architect said to Neo in the scene where they have their conversation. Anyways, the song actually (to my great delight) finds Woodhead moving more towards the ‘gaze’ than the ‘sample’ – everything here swoons and moans – it’s pretty beautiful. And Woodhead weaves a great vocal melody on top of the shifting, swirling whole. Interesting – are we to expect an album more in this vein than the more manic, Bollywood-inspired sounds of his past work?

Whatever the case, it seems each new develop with the post-Spiral Beach crew brings more impressive surprises. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it hitting critics top-ten lists.


July 25th, 2010 | Mp3 Posts | 1 Comment

Everyone from Toronto’s beloved Spiral Beach has gone on to new things since the band dissolved last year. Guitarist Airick Woodhead has perhaps pursued the most interesting path with his kaleidoscopic-rock project Doldrums. Not only does the new project sound like a surrealistic collage of warped synths, IDM beats, samples, and found sounds, but Woodhead’s been experimenting with a visual component, and his first release is (of all things) a VHS Tape mix called Parrot Talk.

It’s not for everyone, but for those who can stomach it, it’s wildly exciting stuff.

Check out some of Parrot Talk below.

Download the entire mix at the Doldrums blog.

Spiral Beach/Hey Ocean at The Seahorse

April 17th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

I’ve never seen a lineup outside The Seahorse. As I approached it and saw this huge group of people, I wondered if it could be possible that so many smokers would be congregating outside of the bar and at only 10:00. As it turned out, they were in line, so I got in line and tried calling Ryan, Maddy and Airick to see if they could get me past the line and in for free. None of them answered. I sent Ryan a text and he called me back a couple minutes later letting me know that he’d put me on the guestlist (he’s such a sweetheart) but that he couldn’t get me in past the line. Oh well.

Once I got in I went over to the little backstage area and who should I find lounging, reviewing their set-list there, but Airick and Daniel Woodhead. We sit, we talk, we shpeil for a bit. I ask the Woodheads about the new Spiral Beach album. They’ve finished it and it will be released in June. They’re liking it, and Ryan will later describe it to me as more “in your face” than their previous releases. They also imagine lewd versions of the titles of their songs: “We Suck Ghosts” anyone?
We joke around a bit and determine that I’m going to introduce them to the Halifax crowd. I go and hang out with Ryan while they’re setting up and say hi to Maddy and Dorian. Once they’ve set up, I go up and do my little introduction and then Spiral Beach just barge right into it.
They sounded fantastic; they always do. The crowd at the Sea Horse took maybe a song or two to get into it, but once they did they got into it in a big way. Meighan Donaldson (who I produced a great song with called “Dance Partner (version 2)”, which can be heard over at her myspace) had never heard them before but said that they were her new favorite band.
Hey Ocean went on next. They started off with a cool little percussion mathinger and later on had horns and stuff but it was all just too fruity and clean-cut. And for some reason it all sounded very Australian to me (even though they’re from B.C.)…The crowd was getting into it at first but as their set went on, the crowd seemed to sort of quiet down a bit. They’re a solid set of players but the music they make is simply too safe. Maybe if Disney ever makes an indie High School Musical they should look these guys up.
I left the Seahorse and head back to King’s, still my home for at least until Monday, at which point I’ll be heading back to Toronto, the city in which I’ll live and likely die. And that’s ok, because Toronto kicks ass, as Halifax has taught me.

Interview with Stop Die Resuscitate

March 5th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

This interview was conducted by Marc Z. Grub on February 29th at Weaselpalooza in Toronto with members Luke and Lyle of the Toronto band Stop Die Resuscitate.

M: So, you guys…I don’t know too much about you but I know that you did a remix for Apostle of Hustle.
Luke: Yes, we’ve done a lot of remixes.
M: Who else have you remixed?
Luke: Dandi Wind, Vitamins for You, Spiral Beach, My Brightest Diamond, we just finished a remix for Buck 65, we just finished a remix for Tegan and Sarah and we’re doing another one for Plastic Little. K?
M: Great. How do you get to do all these remixes?
Luke: People ask us and then, y’now, we work it out and then we do them.
M: Bands themselves (ask you to do them)?
Lyle: Yep, or their management.
M: How did you get into remixing? How’d that get started?
Lyle: Making our own music or, I don’t know.
Luke: I don’t know how it happened. I guess we did this Deerhoof remix, kind of like, whatever, like anyone could have done it and then people heard it and they liked it and they wanted us to do remixes for them.
Lyle: It was interesting because the Deerhoof one was on blogs in like Nigeria. Like really weird places. It was like “what? People are listening to this in Nigeria?” And it was Deerhoof so it’s like really noisy and weird sounding and stuff so…
Luke: That was like our first remix we ever did. It was like an open one anyone could have done and we just kinda did it as like…messing around.
Lyle: Oh, OK Cobra, we also have to say OK Cobra.
M: What program did you use?
Lyle: Mostly Cubase.
M: What’s your strategy for the remixes. It’s getting really big now, like everyone’s remixing everyone.
Luke: We take like an element out of a song and then we just really amplify that element. So if there’s a moment that’s like “oh this sounds kind of like disco,” we turn the whole thing into a disco song.
Lyle: I don’t know, it’s pretty weird. I think we try not to do the same thing twice so some of the stuff is like electro and the New Buffalo one is kind of like My Bloody Valentine.
Luke: Oh yeah, we did New Buffalo too. Yeah, the New Buffalo one’s really cool, it’s like really down-tempo.
Lyle: It’s sort of like all different. One of the Buck 65 ones is kind of like disco.
Luke: It’s more Techno-y.
M: So asides from remixes, you guys are in the band Stop Die Resuscitate What’s going on with that?
Lyle: We’re trying to record a new record. We released an album a couple years ago and then we had a twelve-inch release last year.
Luke: We have a video out for it now.
Lyle: Yeah, we released a video for it a month ago for a song called “Bad Night”. We’re happy with that, we’re really proud of it. Now we’re just trying to finish off the new album basically.
M: You guys are independent right now, right?
Luke: We’re on a label called Summer Lovers Unlimited. They’re based in Montreal. They’ve got The Tough Alliance. They originally signed Crystal Castles but things kinda didn’t work out with that somehow. So now they’re just doing a remix album or something. (They’ve got) Dandi Rand and Apache Beat, who are great, from New York.
M: Are you guys playing any festivals soon?
Lyle: We played Lee’s last weekend. Uh, we’re playing White Orchid but we’re not playing any festivals until the record’s done.
Luke: We just played a festival in London in the summer with Creepy 73, the Lola festival, that was really good.
M: Are you guys working with any producers or is the new record self-produced.
Lyle: Nope, it’s still us all.
M: Great, that’s all.
You can hear Stop Die Resuscitate on their Myspace:
And their remixes at: