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November Mix

December 13th, 2011 | The Mix | 0 Comments

Yeah, yeah, the end of the year stuff is coming soon. Jeez, everyone’s rushing to be like, “here’s my list! here’s my list!” – December’s not even half over yet people. Whatever. Anyways. Gold Soundz is going a bit more in the weird direction of sites like Altered Zones (RIP) and Weird Canada for 2012. Gonna be less pop and folk, more shoegaze, weird indie, etc. This will balance out the Toronto blog scene a bit, with the newly transplanted Weird Canada, Max Mohenu‘s excellent Diamond A/T/L/A/S and Gold Soundz taking up the left of the dial stuff, and ChromewavesIndie Music Filter, Buying Shots For Bands, and other friends taking up the more accessible stuff. Our latest mix – covering the stuff I was listening to in November – reflects the shift. I’m also happy to say that a lot of friends and Torontonians made the mix this month purely due to musical quality, not personal connection, so kudos to all of you.

1. U.S. Girls – State House (It’s A Man’s World)

2. Quaker Parents – When You Can’t Beat The Dream

3. Blood Rexdale and the Walls are Blonde – Scared Woman In A Private Hell

4. Atlas Sound – Mona Lisa

5. Tearjerker – So Dead

6. Loom – It Is Love

7. Spirit Night – 25

8. Odonis Odonis – Seedgazer

9. James Ferraro – Google Poeises

10. Heartbeat Hotel – Intae Woe


Spirit Night

November 29th, 2011 | Mp3 Posts | 1 Comment

Pittsburgh dreamy indie-poppers Spirit Night got spunk. I like it. (Chews cigar). They released a split digital 7″ with some dude named David F. Bello, see. Was released by some cats (or label) callin’ ’emselves Garbage Days. It’s on the bandcamp. Shmeh.

Spirit Night – 25