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Re-Evaluated // Songs From Northern Britain

March 6th, 2014 | Features | 0 Comments


Sometimes albums come out and for some reason or other they’re just not given the appreciation they deserve. Or sometimes great albums come out, are enjoyed, but then unfairly forgotten, while others become beloved classics. In this new feature, Reevaluated, I’ll take a second look at great albums that deserve to be remembered and cherished but for some reason just aren’t. This week’s pick is Glasgow-based Teenage Fanclub‘s 1997 album Songs From Northern Britain.

Though Songs From Northern Britain was hardly an ignored release – becoming their highest charting album in the UK; named by Nick Hornby as one of his favourite albums; receiving glowing reviews – when people hear about Teenage Fanclub these days, the album that gets all the attention is 1991’s Bandwagonesque, and mainly because it edged out R.E.M.‘s  Out Of Time, Nirvana‘s Nevermind, and My Bloody Valentine‘s Loveless for Spin’s Album Of The Year title, in a choice that today seems ludicrous. While Bandwagonesque is still a great album, today it sounds somewhat tame and dated.

Songs From Northern Britain, on the other hand, sounds like a power-pop lovers wet dream, with track after track of big hooks and gorgeous harmonies. Musically and lyrically it’s better than Bandwagonesque while also featuring better (less-dated-sounding) production, and overall it’s more consistent. Tracks like “Ain’t That Enough” and “Take The Long Way Round” in particular simply glisten with pure harmonic pop glory.

Admittedly the album does sound a little dated – but only a little – and all of Teenage Fanclub‘s singers always had kinda blandish voices. But sometimes great songwriting overcomes all obstacles, meanwhile all the gifts in the world often can’t make up for poor songwriting. Songs From Northern Britain is a stellar case of the former, and should be the album we talk about when we talk about Teenage Fanclub. And we should talk about Teenage Fanclub more to begin with, cuz they were and continue to be a great band.

The Honeydrips

January 16th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Do you like your pop sugary and sweet? Well then you know that all the sugary stuff comes from Sweden now right? Peter, Bjorn and John, The Tough Alliance, Jens Leckman: all Swedes with a sweet tooth who released great albums last year. This week’s band of the week belongs in the same crowd. The band of the week is…


With charming mid-fi production that dabbles in beats, spectre-esque reverb and jangly guitars, this mainly one-swede musical project is an absolute wet shroom dream for anyone who likes sunshine, lollipops and Teenage Fanclub albums.

All I’ve heard are the songs on the myspace (I tried to buy the album, at Soundscapes no less) and I already love this artist. The Honeydrips are romantic, cute as the Twee-est bands but their various influences no doubt range from The Byrds to New Order.

This is music to dance around in your room to with a big smile on your face. If it played in a club (and “Try Something New” easily could) everybody there would start hugging. It’s just so lovable and yet so well made and refined.

Check it out, especially the little Smiths nod “I Wouldn’t Know What to Do”.