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The Blue Room

October 24th, 2014 | Film | 0 Comments


French actor Mathieu Amalric‘s directorial debut finds him ably filming (and acting in) a fairly conventional (and verrry French) story about a man, two women, and a murder.

Julien works for an agritech business. He’s got a beautiful wife and child, a nice home near a small city… There isn’t even some lingering ennui or anything. But even so, he’s easily seduced by a former classmate: the tall, dark-haired Esther, who has apparently had a thing for him for a very long time.

Esther is married to a sick man who will likely die soon. At that point she’ll inherit his money (of which there appears to be plenty) and can run off with Julien, who she expects will leave his wife for her. But just to be sure…

The Blue Room isn’t a bad film, but it is one that’s been done to death and better (and smarter). There is nothing particularly interesting about it. The film is well shot, the acting is serviceable, but beyond that there’s nothing innovative or unusual about this take on a worn out scenario.