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March 24th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Wow, it’s been a relatively long time since I last did a band of the week…perhaps even more than a week (gasp!). It’s cool though, I’ve been busy and the good busy also. Recording, playing shows, practicing, ynow. Anyways this week’s band of the week is not quite as extinct as they were once thought to be. The band of the week is…


This San-Fran duo makes sharp, catchy indie-pop with only an acoustic guitar and drums. Their sharp angular melodies recall Menomena or Andrew Bird though at times the vocals soar over the music in a way comparable with Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear. The instrumentation, however, consists mainly of an acoustic guitar and drums.

I’ve only heard a couple of their songs so far. I’ll be listening to their full-length, “Visitor”, very soon. So far however, each songs I’ve heard has been well written with sparse production. The drums have the tribal sound going (think animal collective or sunset rubdown) while the guitar sorta does some folksy stuff subtly off to the side. The vocals are very strong, often they’re double (or more than double) tracked in order to give them that extra push, especially when they take off and soar into the reverb-laden soundscape.

Check em out, especially if you’re a fan of Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear. This will fit right in with your trip.