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Have You Heard The New…Wild Nothing?

January 27th, 2012 | Features | 0 Comments

Wild Nothing – Nowhere

The latest from Virginia-based bedroom moody maestro Wild Nothing is a 7″ called “Nowhere” that drops on Feb 21st. Apparently this marks the first proper studio work by the band, though I thought the quality of what came before was pretty solid, so I didn’t notice any great different in sound quality or production, except maybe a bit more clarity in the sounds or something.

In terms of writing and whatever, “Nowhere” is a great follow-up to what’s come before. Perhaps a little more jangly/poppy than moody/shoegazey, and a bit less intimate, but the melodies, hooks, instrumentation, etc. all sound phenomenal. The guest vocal by Twin Sister‘s Andrea Estella is another nice touch, especially since Jack Tatum‘s vox maybe aren’t the greatest (but hey, he makes up for it and they work for the music anyways).

What did you think of the song? What do you think the next album will be like? Let me know in the comments section or over Facebook or Twitter.

Hangover Mix 2012

January 1st, 2012 | The Mix | 0 Comments

Here’s a little mix to start your new year off softly, slowly, one foot at a time. Cuz last night was prettttyyyyyy awesome.

1. Birdie Hilltop – The Ready Dance

2. The Morning Clouds – A Walk Home

3. Blood Rexdale And The Walls Are Blonde

4. Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hyme

5. Loom – Promised Land

6. Sibylle Baer – William

7. The Rest – Always On My Mind

8. Vashti Bunyan – Come Wind Come Rain

9. Twin Sister – Kimmi In A Rice Field


August Mix

September 6th, 2011 | The Mix | 0 Comments

Ahhh, twas a beautiful summer with a lot of beautiful music. But now…tis gone…tis gone. But that’s cool, I’m psyched to go back to school and all. Got a feeling 2012 is gonna be a good year…’specially if you and me see it in together with some kick ass indie tunes. (The picture is of Masada. I went there this summer. It was cool.)

1. DOM – Telephone

2. Whirr – Junebouvier

3. Heaven’s Gate – Salome

4. The Grapefruit Colour – I Need Some Ice

5. Surfer Blood – Miranda

6. Twin Sister – Gene Ciampi

7. The Electric Environment – Soon Enough

8. Born Gold – Alabaster Bodyworlds

9. CANT – Believe


Have You Heard The New…Twin Sister?

August 18th, 2011 | Features | 0 Comments

So apparently I missed the first single “Bad Street”, but I did know that Brooklyn indie-pop blogger darlings Twin Sister have a full-length album called In Heaven coming out soon on Domino. September 27th to be precise. This was my take on the second single, “Gene Ciampi”.

Marc: So, this is definitely a bit of a change in terms of sound/aesthetic but at the same time it’s not all that radical. Usually the band goes with a soft, airy vibe, but that weird, hard surf-guitar or something definitely cuts the softness out of this guy. And then there’s the weird almost…movie score quality to a lot of the changes and melodies here. But not like epic movie, it’s something I honestly can’t even put my finger on here, it’s closer to something Zappa would do really than anything I can readily point to. But I like it, definitely more than “Bad Street“, Twin Sister manage to pull off everything wonderfully. And maybe we should remember that this is the band that posted a long-ass mix of Indian movie scores on their blog (though I wouldn’t say the weird changes sound particularly Indian/Bollywood either).

What does this bode for the album? Maybe the album’s going to a bit more of an interesting grab bag then the collection of pretty, airy pop songs I was henceforth expecting. My respect for the band might’ve just bumped up a bit.