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April 13th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

This week’s band of the week already garnered a blog about their amazing video. They hail from Norway and it’s appropriate because these guys do indeed seem like the descendants of vikings. They perfectly embody all the cheesiest, geekiest and most fantastic elements or rock. And I mean ROCK!!! Think long hair, beards, V-neck guitars, and shirtless drummers. This week’s band of the week is what you get when you combine all of the above.

Ungdomskulen translates to the super hard rock “Middle School” in norse or norwegian or whatever they speak there. They’ve released one album called Cry-Baby and it rocks. Kristian Stockhause sings in a hilarious yet awesome falsetto (think Neil Young being tortured over a volcano) or mid-register baritone that usually gets pushed into the falsetto while his guitar playing sounds like pure electricity, as he bangs out awesomely angular chords. Drummer Oyvind Solheim lives by the creed “MORE COWBELL!!!!!!!!!” and rightly so. All the while Frode Flatland keeps everything crowded with his solid basswork.
Ok, so they sound hilarious, but they also have great kick-ass songs that are as rocktastic as they are tuneful. This band never lets style take precedent over substance and each song on the album is catchy, funny and explosively awesome. Think Weezer if they were bigger, hairier and on acid or Tenacious D at their best (like the two epics on The Pick of Destiny album), Ungdomskulen is a band you dont judge on the basis of intelligence but on awesomeness. And they’ve got enough of that to kick your skull-wizard back to level 3!