Better Know An Artist: EASYBOY

This week’s entry in our infinite part series, Better Know An Artist, is…
The solo project of Eric Farber, also a member of twice-Forklisted band Truman Peyote. Though originally from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, Farber is currently living in Toronto, attending UofT.
With EASYBOY, Farber continues to experiment with the samplegaze sound of Truman Peyote but relies more upon guitars and synths, thus resulting in relatively more traditionally arranged songs than can be found in his other work. However, interpret “traditionally” as being used very, very loosely.
The easiest comparison is early Animal Collective, but mainly only in their use of atmosphere on recordings. Live EASYBOY is a lot more ‘trashy’. The sound is abrasive, exciting and with moments of genuine beauty of amidst distorted guitar and old-school drum machines.
You can download EASYBOY’s awesome Friends EP released on Spooky Town Artifacts for free by clicking here.
EASYBOY will be playing Thursday, the 28th at this week’s Tiger Bar Groove. He’ll also be opening for Woods and Real Estate at The Horseshoe in March.


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