My Morning Jacket

So this week I picked a band that’s been around for a while but that I just fell in love with. A while ago I blogged about The Grand Archives and I’ve been digging the new Band of Horses alot more than the first (which slows down alot in it’s second half) so I decided to find another band with that huge, wise, reverb sound and dig them for a while. I came back to a band I’d kinda liked before but never really got into much. That band was…


Led by the golden-voiced Jim James, My Morning Jacket create haunting and heartbreaking folksy music that I’m sure is IDEAL for fooling around to (I’m dying to try it out very soon). Ok, ok, ok they’re like really awesome to just chill and listen to when you’re relaxing or maybe its a lonely night and you just want to soak it all in – put on some MMJ. All their album before 2004s “Z” are very folksy, homely affairs with lovely song after lovely song that just drift beautifully guided by James’ ethereal southern vocals. Think The Band if they were reeeeeaaaaallly high.

On the album “Z” though they start fooling around a bit, mixing in a bit of reggae and Radiohead and coming up with a very interesting album that changes everything up a bit, though maybe not their best. It’s up for debate though, as it’s still a pretty kick ass album. Key song=Off The Record.
Their best is probably the ridiculously long It Still Moves. It’s length however (71 minutes) is a bit off a drawback though, especially considering that it’s not really an eclectic double album (a la The White Album) but more like just a ridiculously long well crafted single album. It seems even longer cuz their music is slow and airy.

Regardless of which album you start at, My Morning Jacket is a brilliant band that makes music thats easy to love.


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